Volumetric Rotary Piston Type

Volumetric Rotary Piston Type Series


PD97TRP is volumetric rotary piston type water meters with high accuracy, which is developed to meet the requirement of higher measuring accuracy. Their metrological class can be up to class C of ISO4064 standards. They can be installed in any positions without any effect on their measuring accuracy. The benefit of water supply authority can be well protected by the lower starting flow rate of this kind of water meter. In addition, they are convenient to read and easy to collect data. PD98TAR and PD97TRP-A are also volumetric rotary piston type water meters. They can be directly used to measure the volume of potable water. The body of PD98TAR-15B is made of stainless steel, and that of PD97TRP-A is nontoxic plastic. The above meters also can be equipped with a kind of remote transmission device; the pulse generating volume could be 1L/Pulse and 0.1L/Pulse.

Dry-dial type TAR