Van Wheel Single Jet Series

Single jet dry type water meter is dry dial magnetic driven with the lower magnet fitting directly to the fan wheel which is the only moving part submerged in water. The register of this kind of water meter is vacuumized and come into a separated part. This vacuumed register can make sure that no condensation problem can take place in the transparent cover so as to keep the register clear forever. This kind of register also can be rotated to any direction for convenient reading. Adoption of anti-magnet structure can protect the water meter from being influenced by outside magnetic fields Hydraulic performance meets ISO4064 standards class B. Thanks to the elegant design and reasonably structure, this kind of water meters are very popular in the market.
CDTAR series can be equipped with a kind of remote transmission device: the pulse generating volume might be 0.01m3/Pulse and 0.1m3/Pulse.

Dry Type TAR

These single jet water maters are popular for their elegant design, delicate structure, light weight, easily reading and various kinds. The body is made of suitable brass, the internal parts are made of high quality plastic, all these make the water meters have a longer service life. Metrological class complies with class B of ISO4064 standards. It is welcomed by both users and water supply authorities, thanks to the lower starting flow rate of the meters.
The registers of liquid sealed type are sealed in special kind of liquid, which can keep reading clear forever.

Wet Type Series TBR
Liquid-Sealed Type TRP