Removable Element Woltmann Water Meter

This kind of water meters is suitable for industry use. They have the advantages of huge flowing capacity, small resistance, negligible head loss, high measuring accuracy and a long service life. The register of type LXLC meter is vacuumized and does not contact with water, so they are kept clear forever. This kind meter can be equipped with a kind of remote transmission device: the pulse generating volume can be 0.1m3/Pulse and 1m3/Pulse.

LXLC Dry Register

Horizontal woltmann type wet dial water meter can be used in measuring the volume of cold potable water passing through the pipe in industry or other bulk consumption of water. The meter is reliable and has long service life thanks to its simple and compact design. The meter can be equipped with remote reading device. The sensor contact value could be 0.1m3 per pulse or 1m3 per pulse

Dry-dial type TAR