Anti Clogging / Irrigation

Removable Element Anti Clogging / Irrigation Type

WI series have the advantages of the interchangeable mechanism and can effectively prevent the meters from being blocked by weeds in water thanks to the special structure.
This series can be equipped with a kind of remote transmission device: the pulse generating volume can be 0.1m3/Pulse and 1m3/Pulse.

Dry Dial (Vane Wheel)

WIH series and WIV series are both suitable for industry use with an interchangeable measuring unit. The special structure can effectively prevent the water meter from being blocked by weeds or solid particals sustained in the measured water. They also have advantages of small resistance, negligible head loss, big flowing capacity and long life of service. They are widely used in agriculture irrigation. In addition, the register is sealed in special liquid which keeps the reading clear and convenient for data collecting.

Liquid Sealed
Vertical Type

Liquid Sealed