long-distance direct reading

Photoelectric encoding ty long-distance direct reading intellectual


Adopting photoelectric encoding technology, the exact indicating amount reading is available. No errors results from pulse counting technology. No need of power supply besides when reading the meter.

Small direct reading meters: Two modes of data collecting are designed to suit different reading condition: full automatic reading mode and infrared meter reader mode. The identical address of individual meter can be set up easily; meter-BUS interface, common double core wire regardless of anode or cathode. Power supply and data collecting is realized through the dame double core wire. Parallel circuit connecting makes it easy in field constructing. Interface type: Meter-BUS (RS-485 at choice), and the communication with Master Station via GPRS or Telephone mode. Communication rules confirm the professional standard or as per appointment by both parties.

Three communication mode for big size intellectual water meter to suit different requirement:

1. RS-485 mode: standard intellectual meter, compatible with flow meter. Adopting RS-485 interface and standard communication rules. It can communicate with other RTU, PLC automatic meter reading device.

2. Bluetooth wireless mode: with a portable meter reading device and an intellectual transformer. The worker can read meter at long distance to the water meter. The data collected can be loaded to the computer for filing purpose. It’s suitable for bulk water consumption customs.

3. Short message mode: Complete automatic calculating terminal, direct reading, communication and battery reasonably designed with the water meter as complete set. The installation and maintenance as easy as ordinary meter. With SMM function, the master station can automatically read the meter. Analyzing the data collected, and report the un-normal conditions. It’s suitable for meter in remote region, place of power supply difficulties and bulk water consumption filing. It features in easy installation, easy maintenance, safety, reliable, and low investments.