Flow Measuring Device


Flow rate measuring unit is the important component of heat meter. It measures the flow in the heat exchanging system and send out flow rate signals. Its spares are made of heat enduring and wear resisting materials the products feather in advanced and reliable structure, high measuring accuracy and long service life.

Single jet flow rate measuring unit is reliable and small in size, elegant in design. Multi jet flow rate measuring unit is better in steady measuring performance as well as wearing and endurance.

Zero power loss magnet sensitive sensor (Wigand element)is used in flow rate measuring unit with magnet on the moving element. The signal is reliable.

There is a non-magnet film plate on the turbine in the flow rate measuring unit without magnet element. This make sure the measuring accuracy not being affected by outside magnet field or by the in-purities contained in the measured water.

Vertical type flow rate measuring unit is designed for vertical pipeline. The flow direction could be upward or down ward as needed.

Bulk flow rate measuring units have the above two solutions for magnet sensor or non-magnet sensor with the virtues respectively.

The above mentioned flow rate measuring unit meet the requirement of CJ128-2000 standard and can be used in thermal meter of grade 2 or grade 3.